Shipping Policy

Orders are processed and shipped 48 business hours after purchase from our warehouse location situated within the European Union (Nesebar – Bulgaria). The strategic location results in fast and easy deliveries to most of the world. We utilize Registered Mail International as a preferred carrier.

If your address cannot be verified by our address verification system, your order may be delayed while we contact you to confirm the address.

Customers take responsibility that the products they are ordering can be legally imported into their respective country and are responsible for any customs charges or taxes imposed by the destination country.


Orders are processed and shipped in 48 business hours after purchase. Tracking information is provided immediately after inside order details (at: Customers also receive an email with the tracking information.

The package will appear at (24 to 48 hours after it has been shipped). It will update 4 to 6 times and then leave the country forwarder (Bulgaria).

Online tracking is always available as far as the country forwarder goes. Once it leaves the country, it all depends on the recipient’s local postal services ability to track the item online.

United States
Full online tracking is always available for the US (at both and

Packages to USA usually go through several European checkpoints that are not shown on the online tracking, during which time (usually several business days) if you take a look at the status of the item will be “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment”. Once it arrives, the status of the package will update to “Arrived at USPS Facility” after which it only takes a few days to arrive at its final destination (with detailed tracking).

European Union
Almost all of the countries within the European Union are able to track Registered Mail International on their online platforms.

Countries that do not track Registered Mail International
There are some countries that have not fully integrated the default international postal services within their online tracking platforms, meaning that there will be no detailed online tracking and they will only update it after a successful delivery. Even so, that will not affect the speed or reliability with which the package travels.

The transit phase in detail

1) The package is accepted by Registered Mail International
2) The package goes to the nearest Airport in 2 to 3 days (EU)
3) The package is loaded into an Airplane Container
4) The Coronavirus situation is causing some disruptions of the available transport links (due to public transportat AIR lockdowns). Currently there are not enough Cargo Planes to meet the demand, which means that the Airplane Container will wait in queue for a few days+ or so.
5) The package arrives in the destination country
6) The package arrives at the customs and is delayed a few days there (if outside EU)
7) The package is finally in the hands of the national postal services of the country recipient
8) The package is sent to the recipient, the transit usually takes a few to several days
9) The package is received

The delivery would come from the national postal services of the country recipient. The way national postal services deliver packages is different for each country, but they could do one or more of the following:

  • They try to deliver the package to the address outright
  • They leave a note to the address that the package has arrived at the local post office (and is ready for pick up)
  • They send a text message or call to inform the customer that the package has arrived at the local post office (and is ready for pick up)

Delivery Estimates

To reflect the current situation, Registered Mail International increased their delivery estimates for all countries to:

EU [1-3 weeks]+
Rest of the World [2-4 weeks]+


The sender is our company Alpha Essentials LTD, used for descriptive information and confidentiality. Also, the package itself is usually a plain container, so there won’t be anything indicative of the intended purpose on the outside.

Our Guarantee

All orders are inherently covered by the Payment Processor’s Resolution Center (up to 180 days after every transaction) and our dedication to full customer satisfaction in case the postal services mishandle the package in any way. That way customers can have peace of mind and be one hundred percent assured that they will either receive the order or get a full refund.

Of course, it is possible that occasional delivery delays could occur here and there, especially during busy periods for the postal services. We’re aware of that possibility and are proactive in monitoring and resolving that even before being contacted by a customer. If we see a package getting delayed we call the local postal services in an attempt to speed things up. The good news is that non-arrival cases are very rare (less than 0.1%), so even with some delays customers can be fairly assured they will receive the order.

We’re, of course, certainly aware of the urgency of most cases and do our best to make up to individual customers for any delays over the mentioned delivery period. The first thing is to refund the shipping costs if the order exceeds the mentioned delivery time-frame. If after that the package is still being delayed and there are no updates, we proceed to refund 10% of the total cost of the order for each week on top.

You are also more than welcome to contact us, guys. We are always happy to hear from you and see what we can do to be of assistance. Emails are answered within 24 business hours (be sure to check out your spam folder if you haven’t heard from us, as some messages could occasionally be placed there).